Ogden Temple Wedding and The Cottage Charm | Josh and Ellie

I’m so excited to share Josh & Ellie’s bridals, wedding and love story today! I’m so grateful I could be their photographer for their bridals at Jordan Pines Campground and their wedding at the Ogden Temple. They make such a sweet, fun, and gorgeous couple and I’m so glad they found each other! Ellie was so kind to write out their love story for me and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it below!

Josh and I met in Spain! We both served full time missions in Spain. In my second to last transfer I got moved to Sevilla. Josh was serving there at the time. We met for the first time in the train station. I rolled in with all my luggage and he ran over to me and grabbed them right out of my hands. (I think he knew exactly what he was doing). I knew he was cute when I saw him, but I was a missionary and tried to not think about it too much. We served 6 weeks together and then Josh got shipped to the other side of the country. I finished up my mission and went home. After returning home, I received an email from Josh. It was witty and cute and it was very thoughtful. Nothing flirty or anything. We were just friends anyways. Well, we continued to write for 8 months. Every week. Without fail. The emails got longer and longer and then they turned into voice recordings. We never made plans to date or anything, but I think we both kinda hoped. When Josh came home, my life had taken me in a different direction. After he’d been home for about one month, I knew I needed closure. So I reached out. That same day, I made a trip from Logan to Layton to see him for the first time since the mission. CRAZY!! That night I knew he was different. I actually think I knew I loved him all this time. From that day on, our relationship continued to progress and our love continued to grow. And now we’re here ❤️

Josh and Ellie’s engagement story is so sweet too! Josh put together an elaborate scavenger hunt with friends from their mission involved. Ellie said, “I woke up to an envelope under my door. It was a picture of me and Josh with some other people in the mission. On the back was a sweet note. It talked about meeting for the first time in the train station. He put coordinates and asked me to go there as soon as I could. The coordinates took me to the Orem train station. There I found a good friend of ours from the mission. He had another picture with a note. Us in Washington. Shortly after me and josh saw each other for the first time after our missions, we took a trip to Washington for the homecoming of his companion he had when we served together. The letter wanted me to go to the friend’s apartment. There I went and found the friend, with another picture and note talking about our first date that we went on. Ice skating. Then I drove to the ice skating rink where I found my best friend, Mariah. She had the last note, which was Josh expressing his love for me. Mariah drove me to the Provo City Center temple grounds where Josh was standing waiting for me. He proposed and I said yes yes yes!!

Josh and Ellie opened up to me a little bit about how they felt going into marriage! I loved hearing about it because it brought me right back to the things I was feeling as I prepared to marry Kevin. Ellie said their biggest fear is of failure and not being able to have control over some things. She’s grateful for “Josh’s strengths of being responsible and on time for everything! I am not 😂” After they are married, they’re going to keep the romance alive by still dating! They hope and plan to have kids together because they believe that’s God’s plan for them and they both love kids.

Ellie says in order to be a better partner she needs to be more selfless and think about others first. When I asked what they as a couple will contribute to the world, she said that as a couple, they’re confident in what they do and who they are and they think everyone should be more confident in themselves!

To those still looking for love, Ellie advises: Marry your best friend! Nothing less!

It’s obvious that’s what these two did and I’m so grateful for their examples, their friendship, their openness and the chance I’ve had to get to know them! I’ve never seen a couple and group of friends have so much fun dancing at their reception!

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