Engagement Session | Mariah and Dylan

I had the best time doing this engagement session for Mariah and Dylan! They are a perfect match and have such a great, playful relationship. It was a lot of fun to be able to capture that in their photos. Both love to tease and joke around, but they’re also so supportive and loving of each other.

I met them through Mariah’s best friend Ellie, who was actually a previous bride of mine. We got to know each other at Ellie’s wedding. Mariah is the sweetest person and was warm and friendly from the very beginning! I really enjoyed connecting with her.

I took Mariah and Dylan’s engagements after they were already married, which made the shoot very unique. There wasn’t any of the nervousness that sometimes accompanies an engagement session. It was just a way of celebrating their marriage in a more casual way. They had planned to have the wedding in June, but things fell through because of corona virus. The two of them decided to make the best of their situation though and ended up planning an intimate wedding ceremony sooner than originally planned.

They were married in Providence at Dylan’s family ranch. For the engagements, we all hopped in Dylan’s truck and drove straight up the rocky hills. We went way out, where nobody would ever be. It was super cool and so special! There were so many cool rocks and beautiful, hilly landscapes.

Something I recommend for all my brides that Mariah did really well was wearing two different outfits. One that’s a little more casual and one that’s more formal. That way they can play around a little bit in the casual outfit, but also get some photos that feel more elegant and classy in the formal one. It gives some great variety!

Something really sweet I noticed during the shoot is how aware of each other’s needs Mariah and Dylan are. They are so thoughtful, and their relationship is really fun to see and learn from!

I asked them about what makes them unique as a couple, and I really loved their answer:

“Dylan and I took a break in our relationship for about 3 months because of family issues on his side. This was a REALLY hard three months for the both of us, but it ended up being exactly what we needed. We learned a lot in those three months, including that we wanted and needed to be together. We learned the importance of communication and expressing our feelings.”

I couldn’t be happier with how gorgeous their engagements turned out!

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