My 5 favorite First Dance songs! September 2020

One of my favorite moments of a wedding day is the first dance! It sets the tone for the marriage and can be a unique way for a couple to express themselves. Some choose an upbeat and fun song, and others choose something slow and romantic. I’m sharing my current favorites to help anyone who is wedding planning and might need help finding a song! Let me know what you think below!

1.”Extraordinary Magic” -Ben Rector

So I’ll keep my eyes open, awed and amazed. And if you start to doubt it, I’ll remind you of the million ways, I see it, I see it, I swear I do. I see extraordinary magic in you.

I absolutely love this song! It’s sweet and thoughtful and really focuses on how couples see and bring out the best in each other. It would be the PERFECT song for a romantic slow dance!

2.”Yours” -Russell Dickerson

I came to life when I first kissed you.
The best me has his arms around you.
You make me better than I was before.
Thank God I'm yours.

This song is gorgeous! It has beautiful guitar and would be a great fit for a couple that likes country. It’s slightly more upbeat than some wedding songs, but definitely still works for a slow dance.

3.”Big Love, Small Moments” -JJ Heller

Big magic in the mundane.
The big picture in a small frame.
Everything is sacred when you take time to notice.
Big love happens in the small moments.
Big love happens in the small moments.

I love, love this song! It reminds you that the most important things and the love are found in the small, day to day things. Being with the one you adore can make every moment feel special.

4.”Love Like This” -Ben Rector

It's the way you're smilin' at me, it's in the way you hold my hand.
It's the way I've watched you change me from a boy into a man.
It's a million things about you, and I don't know what it is,
But I have never known a love like this.

This song is simply ADORABLE! It really brings to light the things that draw you to the one you love and that they have the ability to make you better and happier as a person.

5.”I Am Yours” -Andy Grammer

I am yours,
Now and always.
Wouldn't dream to be anything more.
You take my breath away every night.
Still can't believe it when you say your mine and
I am yours.

I think that this song is so beautiful! Life really is better together and it expresses that perfectly. It would be a great choice for a first dance!

I hope these help you to find your perfect first dance song!

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