5 Reasons to Get Engagements Done

I wanted to share with you why I think it’s so SO important to get engagements!


For most, engagements is the first time you’re having formal pictures taken with your fiancé. It can be a great opportunity to get comfortable with it, and turns out to be the perfect practice round for other photos, especially bridals!


Engagements give your photographer a chance to get to know you as a couple and vice versa. Everyone is unique and couples are going to fit together differently. I use engagements to get to know what poses my clients like and what helps them to shine! I take mental notes throughout the shoot of what things really sparked authenticity in the couple, so that I can use those same techniques in their other sessions. It helps bridal sessions turn out the best they can and brings out the best in the couple! You want to feel comfortable and happy in your photos, and engagements are the perfect way to figure out what that is for you.


Engagements can be used in SO many different ways! I’ve seen them used for announcements, a guest book or poster, and even center pieces. People love seeing the journey of your engagement and there are tons of creative ways you can use your photos to do that! You can also use them to put up in your house. I always recommend to my clients that they have one casual and one more formal outfit for the shoot. That way, it gives you a great variety of photos to have and enjoy!


Your engagement is such a unique time in the relationship! The excitement and newness of starting this journey with your future husband or wife is still there. It creates a feeling of rawness and innocence that just isn’t there with bridals. My parents didn’t have engagement photos taken and I would’ve absolutely LOVED to see them at that phase in their lives as a daughter. I want my own kids to have that because we’ve changed so much over the years and the engagement is so different from every other phase. It’s short and special and you need pictures of it!


Engagements are so much fun and it’s a great date for you and your fiancé! They are low pressure and enjoyable. It’s a great way to bond as a couple and just have a good time in a beautiful setting. Afterwards, you could celebrate by going out to dessert and make it a memory that you’ll treasure forever!

Engagements are simply the best! Thanks for reading!

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