Engagement Session | Kylie and Conrad

I am SO excited to share a little bit about this engagement session with Kylie and Conrad. They are such a cute couple and it was a lot of fun getting to know them. We took their engagements last November, so it’s almost been an entire year since then. Crazy how time flies!

The way I met Kylie was pretty unexpected and is kind of a funny story. At the time, I was still working as an associate photographer for another company. I had some extra time, so I was picking up a few other jobs. One of those was cleaning houses, and I was actually cleaning Kylie’s mom’s house. Her name is Stephanie and she is such a nice lady! I loved cleaning her house and talking to her. As I got to know her a little bit, she told me her daughter, Kylie, was getting married soon. I was really excited and decided to let her know that I was a wedding photographer! She was super sweet and got my info to give to Kylie. Next thing I knew, they hired me!

We did the session up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. I met up with Kylie and Conrad at the bottom of the canyon and we drove up together. This was the first time I met them, so it was great having the chance to learn a little bit about them before doing the shoot. About halfway up the canyon, is an absolutely GORGEOUS pullout. That’s where we stopped for the session. It has lots of huge, rocky walls, which makes for some really unique photos.

The shoot was so much fun! Kylie and Conrad dated for about three years, so they were totally at ease with each other. It made it really easy to get natural pictures and be able to portray the love they have.

They are such easy going and sweet people! I am so thrilled with how their photos turned out and hope you enjoy them just as much!

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