Beynon Family at The Great Saltair

I’m so excited to share my own family photos with you all so you can see how gorgeous a family shoot at Saltair can be, and so you can learn a little more about my family! I’m really close with all of my siblings and it’s fun for me to tell you about them a little. I’ll also tell you a little bit more about this unique photography location.

My Family

My family moved to Massachusetts when I was ten years old, and we lived there for about eight years. We grew up in a town where it was very uncommon, almost unheard of, to have 6 kids. Because there were so many of us, our family was pretty well known. Luckily, my siblings are all really amazing, so I always felt proud to be a Beynon!

My parents have been married 36 years. My mom works as a nursing instructor at Weber State, and my dad is a social worker and was also a seminary teacher for 33 years. My mom is just finishing up her Doctorate degree and she’s an incredible example to me of working hard and pursuing education! My parents have both spend their lives taking care of and teaching others both in our home and at work. Everywhere I go, someone knows one or both of my parents. I’ve been lucky to always hear great things about my mom and dad from strangers. They’ve always been an example to me of what true, deep, and everlasting love is.

My sister Michelle is just incredible. People get us confused sometimes because we look a alike and both our husbands are named Kevin. I take it as a HUGE compliment. She’s a brilliant person and she was always a perfect example for all her younger siblings to follow. She graduated as Valedictorian of her program at Utah State University and now works as a Speech Therapist at Wasatch Peak Elementary School. She is dependable and is an incredible mom to her four kids. She could star in an HGTV show about organization skills and she always has her meals planned out a month ahead of time. This is witchcraft and she amazes me and I don’t know how I’d survive without the amazing GIFs she sends me.

My brother Matt is one of the most hilarious people I know, a sincere and deeply good human, and an incredible artist. People could hardly believe he was my brother when I was in high school because when he graduated he left behind this legacy of awesomeness (he designed the school logo and scored winning goals for the soccer team in state championships and set state track records an-). He is the Digital Experience Design Lead for NuSkin, but he also somehow finds time to help me out me whenever I need something. He has helped me with logos for my photography for years and he has recently spent hours and hours doing branding for a new business I started with my sister, Sarah. Matt is an incredible father and husband to his beautiful family and I look up to him for a billion reasons and I have no idea where I would be today if he hadn’t given me “humor lessons” when we were young teenagers.

My sister Laura is the most energetic person I’ve ever met. Legit literally for real. We have so many insane memories of us goofing off together as kids since we’re only 22 months apart. She is always busy with something amazing and makes me want to be better person. With her husband in the military, she moves around a lot, but every time I go visit her I come back with goals to improve my health and implement better daily habits. Her husband, who unfortunately wasn’t able to take leave to come visit, isn’t in these pictures but she is HAPPILY married to the point where its almost annoying how in love they are. Laura and her husband are both published authors and you can learn more about Laura’s work here

My little sister, Sarah and I couldn’t be closer and I love her so much! She is extremely driven and accomplishes anything she sets her mind to. I steal her clothes the most often because she has amazing style and we laugh our heads off together on the regular. She and I run a business together called Marigold Moms. We both lost our first daughters in infancy, which has given us a really special bond. We started our business about a month ago to create a place of community, friendship, and support for other loss moms. You can visit our website to learn more!

My little brother, Nate, is fun and athletic and clever. He is such a great uncle to my kids and makes them laugh so hard and feel so loved. He recently convinced my husband and I to watch “AVATAR the last Airbender” which I will always be in his debt for. This past summer he returned from his mission to Ecuador for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he’s now living with my parents nearby us. He’s always down for a late night Taco Bell run with me and tries his hardest to keep me posted on what’s cool and what people say these days (e.g. yeet) but I’m sort of a lost cause in that regard.

The Great Saltair

We took these pictures at The Great Saltair. A lot of people get confused between the Salt Flats and Saltair so I’ll tell ya the difference. The Salt Flats are about an hour and a half west of Salt Lake City in Bonneville, almost in Nevada. They are known for being really minimalistic, flat and white. People come from all over the world to see the Salt Flats because it’s such a unique location. But, if you want a similar look without traveling that far, I recommend going to The Great Saltair in Magna. It’s about 20 minutes west of Salt Lake City. There’s a big building where they used to have concerts that has some really unique cutouts. You can also walk out towards the lake where it’s flat and SO beautiful!

I remember feeling so lucky growing up that I had so many siblings and that we were all really close. They all have different strengths and depending on what I need, I can go to one of my siblings and they’re always there for me. I pretty much FaceTime with at least one of my siblings every day. Thanks for reading about my family!

  1. Nicole says:

    Natalie, it made my heart so happy reading about how the family is doing. You’re all leading why sound like wonderful lives and your pictures, per usual are fantastic. The Beynon clan was, as you mentioned well known in our little town, but I think it’s for how lovely you all are. Massachusetts might have fall foliage, but we definitely don’t have salt flats! – sounds like a place to add to my to-visit-list!

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