Tufts Family at Bountiful Pond

I’m so excited to share with you all this absolutely adorable family mini session I did for the Tufts! Chelsey and I went to high school together and I’ve done photos for her a few times since then. It’s always so much fun and they are just such sweet people!

She has the cutest baby girl named Nora, just like me which is a fun thing we have in common! Our precious babies grow so fast and it’s so fun for me to be able to capture these times. Chelsey shared with me that doing these family pictures was a way for her to soak in as much of her little family as she can. It’s a great way to remember the magic and joy of this phase!

We did their photos in June, which was right in the middle of everything going on with COVID. Chelsey opened up that social distancing had been a challenge for her and her family. Nora hasn’t been able to socialize with many other babies or kids, which they’ve tried their best to compensate for, but it’s been difficult. It’s always so worth it though when they get to interact with people they know!

I asked her what her advice would be to other moms in similar situations or with kids the same age and I loved her response:

Be present and ENJOY YOUR TIME. You truly only get one go on this earth and you need to do what makes you happiest. If that means staying home with your kiddos: DO IT. If that means working outside the home: DO IT. Whatever path you choose will be hard, so just make sure it’s a path that you enjoy!

Chelsey and her family are so amazing! I’m obsessed with how their photos turned out and hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about them!

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