Engagement Session | Lily and Jaxon

I am absolutely OBSESSED with these engagements of Lily and Jaxon! They are such beautiful people and I cannot wait to share a little bit about them with you!

Lily is my cousin Kristi’s daughter, but I’ve always just thought of her as my cousin. I started taking her pictures a long time ago. I was able to do her senior pictures, mission pictures and then her engagements and wedding. It’s been so fun to watch her grow up and fall in love! She’s amazing!

Lily and Jaxon met in a sewing class when they were in Junior High. They have been best friends since then and have spent the last six years getting to know each other and spending time together. Their friendship morphed into a relationship when they both returned home from missions. It’s such a sweet little love story!

Their Engagement Story

“Jaxon’s mom dropped off a letter that he wrote me while I was at work. It directed me to Centennial Jr. high, which is where we met. When I arrived, his parents were there and they read another letter to me from Jaxon about our friendship. From there, they took me to my house and my parents read me a final letter from Jaxon and gave me flowers from him. At the end of this letter, it told me to go to Barnes park where a candle lit pathway led me to a table with candles and a photo-book entitled “The Story of Us”. The book had pictures of us growing up and depicted how time had brought us together. At the end of the book it had a picture of my ring and it said, “Now the only question is… will she say yes?” and then Jaxon got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.”

Lily and Jaxon are both such incredible people and I feel so lucky to be able to capture these special moments of their relationship!

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