Bridals and Wedding Day | Kylie and Conrad

I’m so excited to share the second part of Kylie and Conrad’s wedding journey! The bridals turned out absolutely STUNNING and the actual wedding day was a total party. It was a blast to be able to photograph!

We did Kylie’s bridals at Jordan Pines campground, which is up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Conrad hadn’t seen her dress yet, so it was just her. The photos ended up being a fun surprise for him.

Jordan Pines is such a beautiful location and created the perfect backdrop to show off her wedding day look! Kylie is so sweet and easy to work with. I loved being able to find creative ways to pose her with her gorgeous dress. It was just magical!

Their wedding day was a ton of fun and the venue was awesome! Kylie and Conrad’s friends and family were all so happy and everyone had a great time dancing the night away.

The Shoe Game

Something they did at their reception that’s a lot of fun for the couple and guests, but isn’t too common was play the wedding shoe game. Here’s how you play:

The bride and groom each sit in a chair facing away from the other. Both take off their shoes and give one of the shoes to the other. Then you designate a “caller” who has a list of questions to ask the new couple. Each question the couple is asked starts with “Who…?,” as in “Who is the pickier eater?,” or “Who takes the longest to get ready?”. Guests can even get involved by asking them or writing their own questions to be read. Once they’re asked a question, they raise whichever shoe represents the person that best answers the question. The best part is that they can’t see each other, so they have no idea if they’re answering the same way.

It was such a great day for Kylie and Conrad! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about it!

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