Bridals and Wedding Day | Lily and Jaxon

I am SO excited to share about this next part of Lily and Jaxon’s wedding! I cannot get over how gorgeous their bridals turned out, and the wedding day was such a great time! They are the cutest couple and it was a ton of fun being able to capture their special day.

We took their bridals at Albion Basin up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It is such a magical place and makes for absolutely stunning photos! Lily and Jaxon are adorable and I seriously could not be happier with how their shoot turned out.

I asked what it is that they love about each other most. Their answers were really sweet and I want to share them with you:

Her: Wow, there are so many things I love about Jaxon! But two qualities stand out to me. The first is how motivated he is in life. He is always striving to go above and beyond. The other is how much fun I have with him. The last few years with Jaxon have been full of laughter and smiles!

Him: The first thing I love most about Lily is how happy she is about life! I love how much she cares about the most important things, like God and caring for other people. She is driven and doesn’t give up on things that she really wants!

The wedding day was a lot of fun! They were married at Eldredge Manor, which is such a beautiful venue. Lily’s older sister Lacey did all her flower arrangements and made the wedding cake, and her other sister Hollie did her hair and makeup. That was something really unique about their wedding day that I loved!

Lily and Jaxon are just so AMAZING! I felt so lucky to be apart of their special day and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

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