Cutler Family at Snow Basin

I absolutely love this family shoot I did for the Cutler family, and I can’t wait to share a little bit about them with you!

We moved into our house in August of 2019, and the Cutlers were one of the first families we met. They were definitely a great first impression of the neighborhood and since have become really good friends of ours.

Chelsey is SO awesome! She was Norah’s preschool teacher last year and was incredible. Norah made tons of friends and still talks about how much she misses her old preschool and Teacher Chelsey. Because preschool was one of the first things that I figured out when we moved in, Chelsey was also one of the first friends I made in the neighborhood. It was really nice to have that connection. She is so patient, sweet, and fun!

I asked Chelsey what was special about this time in her family’s life and why they decided to get family pictures done. Here is her response:

“I was really excited to get these pictures taken. During the wake of COVID-19, we as a family have been blessed to grow together in more unity. My love for my family has grown, and I feel like I’ve been guided in prioritizing them more in my life. My kids have learned that their first best friends come from the home.

2020 is a year that people will never forget, from a world wide pandemic, to earthquakes and everything that follows. But what I’ve been most grateful for is my family and my focus on being a mom. It’s helped me to keep my own sanity from the storm that is raging all around me.”

The Cutlers are amazing people and I’m so grateful for their friendship! I hope you enjoyed reading!

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