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I was thrilled when Scarlet asked me to take photos of her adorable new baby boy, Jonas! They are such a beautiful family and the session was so much fun. That along with their gorgeous home, it turned out to be a dreamy shoot!

Scarlet’s step-dad, Jon, is my dad’s best friend. They’ve been friends forever and Jon is a really special person in my life, practically an uncle. Scarlet and her husband were living with him in his newly finished home when they had their baby. It is absolutely gorgeous and the nursery was UNREAL. It looks like it was made for a prince!

I asked Scarlet a little bit about her experience with pregnancy and being a new mom. I want to share some of what she said!

Was there anything distinctive or challenging about your process of getting pregnant?

I have endometriosis and have had two laparoscopy procedures so we were anticipating it taking awhile to get pregnant, so I was very careful with tracking ovulation and was shocked when I ovulated right on time. We were pregnant very quickly!

Why did you chose to start your family now?

I have wanted to be a mom since I was about five years old. We had been married a year and a half and we would be finished with our degrees the following spring, so we decided to try… not knowing it would happen as fast as it did!

What have you enjoyed most about your new baby?

Jonas is the smiliest baby! If anyone even makes eye contact with him, he smiles. He has brought so much joy and laughter to the crazy year we’ve had.

Your absolute best baby products or anything else that might be helpful for other moms?

Tubby Todd lotions! I was very skeptical when it came to organic, natural products because I’ve always just loved Baby Magic and thought it would be just fine. Jonas has very sensitive skin and I was amazed when this product actually helped his baby acne and eczema and he rarely gets rashes! It’s a miracle product in our house! I also love the baby booties from Zutano! They keep socks on his feet and fit much better than those uncomfortable baby shoes! We have several pairs and love them so much.

Scarlet and her family are so sweet and I had such a great time with this session! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Thanks for reading!

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