Beynon Family at Dimple Dell Park

I love, love, LOVE this session I got to do for my brother and his cute family! It was so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My sister-in-law, Lindsay, was sweet enough to answer some questions about their family so that I could share it with you all. I hope you enjoy reading!

If you could give advice to other moms with kids your age or in similar situations, what would it be?

Make time to take care of yourself everyday. Move your body. Wash your face. Sleep. Drink water. Whatever makes you feel like you! It’s all important! It’s so easy to feel like you are “losing” yourself during the ins and outs of motherhood with young children, but just keep pushing to hold on because that’s when you can give your littles your best self.

What’s special about this time in your life? Why did you choose to do family pictures now?

Although this year has not been ideal in a lot of ways, it has definitely given my family more time together. There are a lot of memories that I will cherish from this time with my family. I chose to do family pictures recently because I wanted to capture my family in this new stage of life.

What are your kids doing well at? What makes you the most proud of them?

My children are starting to get older and really learn what they enjoy to do. For my oldest that is art. For my middle, it’s nature. And my youngest, she’s still exploring it all. Lately, I’ve been really proud at the resilience I’ve seen in my children. They keep learning and pushing themselves. They are trying to be kind even when they are frustrated. Things in life are hard right now and not fair in a lot of ways, but I’m watching them make the best of it and that makes me proud.

What are you doing to keep the romance alive between you and your husband?

My husband and I love to talk. We can talk for hours about anything and everything. It doesn’t matter if we are out on a date or just at home, we’re talking. When we were dating, before we were married, we would have the longest phone conversations and these long car rides that we would call our “dream and drives.” Our “dream and drives” are still some of our favorite dates because we share all of our life dreams and goals, our thoughts and visions. It’s exciting to make plans together and to work together on our dreams! We also loooooove a good charcuterie board while watching a new movie!

What’s your biggest struggle as a mother right now?

My biggest struggle as a mother right now is trying to find the time to fit in all of the things that I want and need to do in a day. I’m constantly working and reworking my daily schedule to try and make it all work. I know that I will figure it out, but right now I’m still dropping the ball on something most days.

What do you like the most about seeing your husband as a father? What’s he doing right?

I seriously lucked out in this department. I had no idea how amazing a father my husband would be, but he is a gem. I love how he is always playing with the girls and teaching them new things. Whenever I’m burnt out with the kids, he will always gladly take them and find some fun activity for them to do. Parenting is hard, and at the end of the day everyone is tired, but Matt still finds energy to play with the kids and let them know he loves them.

What has been your biggest recent challenge as a family? How have you overcome it or how are you coping with it?

I would say COVID has been our biggest hurdle lately. We’ve had to become very flexible, as many families have, and really lean in on each other. I’m learning to be a teacher as I homeschool the girls, my husband is working from home full time, and the girls hardly have a social life. I can’t say we have overcome it per say since we are still in the midst of it, but we try to make sure we are all having out needs met.

I love this cute family so much!

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