Chris and Megan

Chris and Megan are such a sweet couple! I had so much fun doing their engagements, bridals, and wedding day. It was great getting to know them, and I’m excited to be able to share their photos with you all!

I met Chris and Megan through Chris’s sister, Michelle. She is in my ward and was in the young women’s presidency when I got called as an advisor. I was able to get to know her there, and she ended up recommending me to her parents when they wanted to get family photos done.

I took their extended family photos, and it was great timing because Chris had proposed to Megan right before those photos. He got in touch with me later to do their engagements, and we ended up doing them at Kays Creek Parkway in Fruit Heights. It was a lot of fun and all the photos turned out so great!

Before their bridal pictures, Megan asked me if she could come to my house to change into her wedding dress. I was happy to help her, but then I realized that I didn’t have a crochet hook and she had a lot of buttons on her dress. I offered that we go to my parents house because I knew that my mom would have one. A week later, I was at my parents’ house and saw on their counter Chris and Megan’s wedding announcement. I was surprised to see it because I thought that they had only met that one time, very briefly. Turns out though, that Chris’s parents are friends with my parents and have been for a long time! We had all these crazy connections that I had no idea about!

I am super happy for Chris and Megan and had a great time capturing their love for each other! Thanks for reading!

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