5 Best Locations for Winter(ish) Photos in Utah

I know how hard it can be to choose locations for your pictures! Especially in the late winter, when there may or may not be snow but the trees haven’t really come back to life yet(dead plants and dirty concrete no thank you). To make it easier on you, I’m sharing some of my favorites options for stunning photos no matter what the weather is doing! Check them out!

Utah State Capital

The Utah State Capital is one of my favorite locations! It has the most beautiful architecture, and is simple but elegant. It’s a great option year-round for gorgeous photos! Something unique about it too, is that there are both indoor and outdoor places to shoot, so you can get a nice variety of photos. Right now because of the pandemic, it isn’t an option to shoot indoors, but once it opens back up, it’s can be a great reprieve from the cold. There is not a fee to shoot here but if there is an event booked indoors then we won’t be able to use the inside space.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon is always a great place for photos! The rock is absolutely gorgeous and makes for a perfect background no matter the weather. There are also lots of evergreens up there, so you can still get that pop of color if you want. This particular outlook isn’t far up the canyon and is easy enough to get to that my beautiful pregnant sister (pictured below) was able to make the very short climb up the rocky slope. It’s a great place for brides and families too! There’s also a beautiful river nearby which make an oh-so-pretty foreground or background.

Antelope Island

Antelope Island is an incredible Utah location! It’s very unique and you can get amazing shots with the sky and lake as a backdrop. Depending on where you go on the island, the photos can really feature the beautiful landscape or it can be simple and focused on the couple or family. It’s gorgeous and even when there’s no greenery there are incredible rock formations and views of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. This location does have a photography fee and charges per car to get onto the island, so carpool if you can!

Indoor Studios

Gone are the days when photography studios are boring, dark, and old-fashioned! There are now tons of natural light studios around Utah where you can rent time and bring your own photographer. These are a great option in the winter when you just. don’t want. to be. cold. Many of them have different colored walls and furniture that you can move around, so it’s versatile and can be used how you want. Some of my favorites are White Space Studios, Pick Your Palette Studio, and Wild Willow Studio. They’re a really fun way to get some classy and cozy shots. Check out some images from some studios below! I’ve included their websites for you it’s love at first sight.

  • Wild Willow Studio https://www.wildwillowstudio.com/
  • Pick your Palette Studio https://www.pickyourpalettestudio.com/
  • White Space Studio https://thewhitespacestudios.com/

McPolin Farm

McPolin Farm is in Park City right off of the highway heading in from the west, you can’t miss it! Parking is on the opposite side of the highway but there’s a cool underpass to the Farm, a cute path, a wooden bridge, trees, and of course the big, beautiful white barn. It makes for the most gorgeous backdrop to photos and looks magical with or without snow! There are also rolling hills in the background to the East, so evening photos with the sun setting over there would be just simply magical.

I loved being able to share some of my favorite Utah winter locations with you all and hope that it was helpful! Let me know below if you have questions about any of these locations!

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