5 Favorite Studio Spaces

Studios can be a really fun option for photoshoots, but there are so many available and it can be hard to know which one to choose! I wanted to share five of my favorites that I’ve worked with and hopefully it’ll be helpful for you!

White Space Studios


White Space Studios is a great place for photos! I have used their location in Bountiful and their location in Sandy, both of which are beautiful spaces. Their studios are very carefully designed and provide a lot of variety and versatility. The furniture is able to be moved around, so that you can mix and match with the different backdrops. There are lots of large windows that let in the most beautiful natural light. It is brighter at midday, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about booking the studio. All their locations are stunning and perfect for every kind of shoot!

Pick Your Palette


Pick Your Palette is a really fun and unique studio! It’s located in Midvale, so it’s a great local studio for a photoshoot. Their walls are changed seasonally, so there’s a lot of variety and makes it a great space to play around with. That being said, if you see a wall that you like, remember to book it soon because it doesn’t last forever! The studio has huge, gorgeous windows on both the north and south side, which gives the studio the most perfect natural lighting. It is a great option for a lifestyle, family, engagement or any other shoot you can think of!

Wild Willow Studio


Wild Willow is a natural light photography studio space that is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. It is absolutely beautiful with large windows, colored backdrops, furniture, and tons of accessories. That allows for a lot of versatility in photos and creates a really great experience. It’s ideal for family, newborn, commercial and lifestyle photoshoots!

Studio 1918


Studio 1918 is a beautiful minimalistic space in Salt Lake City. It has very tall ceilings and white painted exposed bricks. The simplicity of it is really appealing and allows the focus to be on the subject of the photos. All kinds of shoots done there will have absolutely stunning results! I really enjoyed using this space and highly recommend it!

The Kaysville Space


The Kaysville Space is a really beautiful studio that has one of the largest walls that I’ve ever used for this kind of space. It would be absolutely perfect for family photos, especially if it’s a large group! There’s lots of natural lighting and some props that you can incorporate into the photos to create some variety. It’s definitely a great option!

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful and make sure to check out all these beautiful studios!

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