Wedding Day | Marissa and Roastie

I am so excited to share with you about Marissa and Roastie’s wedding day! It’s been a while since I took their photos, but it was such a fun, beautiful day and I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to share!

Marissa and Roastie met years ago through her sister Kristin. When they first met, Roastie tried to take her on some dates, but she just wasn’t ready. Two years later Marissa messaged him on Instagram, out of the blue, and invited him to go line dancing. It was on that date that they just clicked. Marissa said, “Once we started spending time together we were inseparable and still are”. Isn’t that just the cutest?!

To propose, Roastie stole Marissa’s phone and when she fought to get it back form him he pulled it out of his pocket and gave it to her with the ring sitting on top.

Marissa and Roastie have the sweetest relationship. You can tell that they keep a very open environment in their relationship and are just best friends. They bring out the best in each other and when I asked Marissa what one thing was about Roastie that made her know he was the one, she said, “He makes me feel whole. I never feel more beautiful or confident or important than I do when I’m with him”.

Their wedding was so beautiful and turned out to be just an absolutely gorgeous day. Marissa picked sunflowers because she felt like there’s something so happy and bright and beautiful about them. That is what she feels a wedding day is meant to be, so it fit perfectly. Red has always been her favorite color and it went really well with the sunflowers, so it worked out really well! Something super unique and amazing is that they made their own decor. It was stunning and they are seriously talented!

There were a lot of really cool traditions implemented at their wedding, one of which was the guests eating bread in the doorway before entering. Marissa explained to me that the traditions are from Ukraine (where Rosty is from) and the bread is called korovai. It’s the Ukrainian version of a wedding cake and is given as a blessing to the bride and groom. It is then shared with the guests for good luck and future prosperity. I thought that was so cool!

It was an honor to capture Marissa and Roastie’s wedding day and I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit of their story!

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