I loved meeting the Hale family and taking their photos at Dimple Dell Park! I had previously worked with Nikelle and done her maternity and birth photos with her adorable daughter Lydia. I was so grateful when she referred me to the rest of her family! After working with this great extended family group and […]

There are so many photographers out there! Let me help you make the right choice for you. And no, that doesn’t always mean hiring me! Here are four important things to know before you sign that contract and ways you and your photographer should match up. Photography Style Look through their portfolio extensively and see […]

I’m so excited to share my own family photos with you all so you can see how gorgeous a family shoot at Saltair can be, and so you can learn a little more about my family! I’m really close with all of my siblings and it’s fun for me to tell you about them a […]

Featuring Whitney, Addie & Carlee and aaall the info you never knew you needed about Senior Bestie sessions! I love working with High School Seniors! As I’ve been thinking about everything that High School Seniors have gone through this year with all the changes because of the pandemic, I wanted to create an experience that […]

I am so excited to share with you about Marissa and Roastie’s wedding day! It’s been a while since I took their photos, but it was such a fun, beautiful day and I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to share! Marissa and Roastie met years ago through her sister Kristin. When they first met, […]

The Beazers are some of the greatest people I know and have been close friends of my husband and I since we were in college. We met them while we were going to BYU. My husband Kevin and Jackson Beazer were actually roommates at the time, and while we were dating, Jackson was dating Celeste. […]

Studios can be a really fun option for photoshoots, but there are so many available and it can be hard to know which one to choose! I wanted to share five of my favorites that I’ve worked with and hopefully it’ll be helpful for you! White Space Studios https://thewhitespacestudios.com/ White Space Studios is a great […]

I’m really looking forward to sharing this next post in my “Let’s Get Real” blog series! My sweet friend Callie was kind enough to share with me about her and her family, and I hope that you are able to relate and connect with her. She is amazing! What’s special about this time in your […]

I know how hard it can be to choose locations for your pictures! Especially in the late winter, when there may or may not be snow but the trees haven’t really come back to life yet(dead plants and dirty concrete no thank you). To make it easier on you, I’m sharing some of my favorites […]

I had such a great time doing these engagements for Savannah and Lua! They are the sweetest couple and have a really tender relationship. I was so happy with how their photos turned out, and I can’t wait to share them with you all! I didn’t have a chance to meet with them before their […]

Chris and Megan are such a sweet couple! I had so much fun doing their engagements, bridals, and wedding day. It was great getting to know them, and I’m excited to be able to share their photos with you all! I met Chris and Megan through Chris’s sister, Michelle. She is in my ward and […]



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