There are so many photographers out there! Let me help you make the right choice for you. And no, that doesn’t always mean hiring me! Here are four important things to know before you sign that contract and ways you and your photographer should match up. Photography Style Look through their portfolio extensively and see […]

I wanted to share with you why I think it’s so SO important to get engagements! ONE For most, engagements is the first time you’re having formal pictures taken with your fiancé. It can be a great opportunity to get comfortable with it, and turns out to be the perfect practice round for other photos, […]

One of my favorite moments of a wedding day is the first dance! It sets the tone for the marriage and can be a unique way for a couple to express themselves. Some choose an upbeat and fun song, and others choose something slow and romantic. I’m sharing my current favorites to help anyone who […]

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my brides is, “Why should I have a separate formal session? Isn’t that just more unnecessary stress?” I can definitely see why you might think so, and if a formal session before the wedding just isn’t your thing, no worries. However, I LOVE offering formal sessions […]



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