The Beazers are some of the greatest people I know and have been close friends of my husband and I since we were in college. We met them while we were going to BYU. My husband Kevin and Jackson Beazer were actually roommates at the time, and while we were dating, Jackson was dating Celeste. […]

I’m really looking forward to sharing this next post in my “Let’s Get Real” blog series! My sweet friend Callie was kind enough to share with me about her and her family, and I hope that you are able to relate and connect with her. She is amazing! What’s special about this time in your […]

I am so excited for this next post in my “Let’s Get Real” series! I was able to interview my sister Michelle, which was really special for me. She is just an incredible person, so dependable, and is an incredible wife and mother to her four kids! What is special about this time in your […]

I’m so grateful to have had the chance to interview Hanna for my second Let’s Get Real Blog Post! Hanna is a loving mother of twins, a deeply kind person, an athlete, a photographer, and a cancer survivor! She shares a little of where her family is at right now, her cancer story, and her […]

I’m so excited to share this today! The Petersen Family is my first feature in a new blog series I’ll be sharing titled “Let’s Get Real.” As a Utah family and wedding photographer, I meet so many amazing people. Their stories touch my heart and teach me so much! For a while now, I’ve wanted […]



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